Limited Edition Fight/Flight Vinyl - 100 only! Given a unique #, signed by the band, a bonus 11th song on Flexi Disc + Stickers & Buttons!

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Peter Babcock

Great CD. I haven't able to listen to the LP, because I don't have a player-yet. I do love the sleeve the vinyl came in. All the songs on Fight/Flight are great. Nice work guys! I haven't a favorite yet.


Extras include, but are not limited to:

  • Includes a special, limited-edition Flexi Disc of an extra song, "Losing Faith"
  • Albums are given a unique number 1-100.
  • Includes a hand-written note to you.
  • Special shiny sticker and button (the button is ONLY available with this purchase!)
  • More buttons and stickers from The Eyebrows!
  • Album front cover is signed by the band.
  • A CD!
  • Receive a special invite to hear the songs before anyone else via a 10-day, virtual, behind-the-scenes record release event
  • MP3 and Private Stream links
  • Includes a few surprises!

Track Listing:

  1. Have Mercy, Lose Control!
  2. Demon in My Head
  3. Until You Know
  4. Ice Cream Cone
  5. New Year's Eve
  6. It's Dark
  7. Disguises
  8. WDHBYH?
  9. Fight/Flight
  10. Just Let Go

Flexi Disk Listing:

  • Losing Faith

Liner Notes:

  • Recorded and mixed by Mitch Easter at Fidelitorium Recordings.
  • Mastered especially and uniquely for Vinyl by Bill Skibbe at Third Man Mastering. 
  • Vinyl pressed by Third Man Pressing.
  • All music and lyrics by Jay Garrigan © 2020 (ASCAP) except "Disguises" where music is by Jay Garrigan and Lyrics by Jay Garrigan and Shawn Lynch.
  • "Losing Faith" is recorded, and mixed by Jay Garrigan at Hot*Dot Records.

The Eyebrows are:

  • Jay Garrigan - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
  • Darrin Gray - Bass Guitar, Vocals
  • Shawn Lynch - Drums, Vocals, Keyboards